AFTERLIFE: Dancing the Club

Based on real events, AFTERLIFE is inspired by the love stories of Lillian’s and Tom’s parents, both of which ended tragically when their fathers died unexpectedly.
AFTERLIFE is about the moment we lose the one we love most. In an instant we come face to face with the unimaginable. What do we feel in a moment of complete disorientation?

AFTERLIFE places these emotions in the context of modern club culture.
In a time of maximum vulnerability the club is a place to release emotion, grieve without guilt and feel the pulse of life continuing. Here we follow the story of two people who meet on the dance floor, a story of love, loss and how vital the group is to our survival.
With a unique format that goes beyond stage performance, audiences are immersed fully and brought together for a common threshold experience.

AFTERLIFE ends with an AFTERPARTY. It is the first production of SNOW, founded in 2020 in Basel by Choreographer Lillian Stillwell and Director Tom Ryser for the development and performance of their independent productions.

Premiere: March 2021, Basel at a super exciting new location we’re not allowed to talk about yet…Stay tuned!

A SNOW Production
Direction & Choreography: Lillian Stillwell
Co-direction & Acting Coaching: Tom Ryser

Dance: Sophie Vergéres, David Lagerqvist
Music: Schwifi, Gaspard de la Montagne
Dramaturgy: Anne Schöfer

Project Manager: Tina Böhm

Up Next: January & May, 2020:  Artist-in-Residence, Braswell Arts Center, Basel, Switzerland
Open rehearsals will take place in May.  Interested in coming by?  We’d love your presence. Write to Lillian directly for details.

May 29, 2020, 20:00:  Open Showing with Live DJ Duo Schwifi*
*We are looking for 10-20 „Invisible Dancers“ to participate in the show.
Contact Lillian directly if you are interested or check here periodically for details regarding the workshops.

The Dj Duo Schwifi is comprised of two women from Basel, Ada Fischer and Sophia Schwager, who have been active in the Basel music and culture scene for over three years. Their DJ sets move within a broad spectrum of electronic music styles, especially those with a great beat and with a lot of bass. Not only a common passion for music but also a passion for movement connects the two. They met over 10 years ago when they toured through Switzerland together with a youth circus. With AFTERLIFE they are able to connect these two passions in a new context. Their DJ sets can be heard regularly at Basel venues such as Humbug, Kaserne or smaller locations like Nebel or 1. Stock.