In her new production, Lillian Stillwell takes a step away from the large-scale productions she has created since 2013 to create an intimate, virtuosic duet with electronic music.

Immersing its audience in the pulsing atmosphere of a club, AFTERLIFE follows two soulmates on their journey of love, loss and living on.   A highly physical and rhythmic dance language drives us to ask essential questions about the life-forces connecting us:

When do we feel most alive? What are the repercussions of love? How do we continue in the face of death?

A group of local participants is integrated into each performance, bridging audience and performers and provoking questions about who is a part of the dance.   Performances of AFTERLIFE feature live DJs and end with an AFTERPARTY.

Winter/ Spring 2020:  Rehearsal Residency at Braswell Arts Center, Basel, Switzerland

Concept and Choreography: Lillian Stillwell

Dance: Sophie Vergères, David Lagerqvist

Music: Schwifi (Basel), Gaspard de la Montagne (Geneva)

Dramaturgy: Anne Schöffer

Lillian Stillwell’s choreography has been seen at theaters throughout Europe since 2013 including Theater Basel, Oper Graz, Nationaltheater Mannheim, the Philharmonie Luxembourg and the Royal Danish Opera. Interdisciplinary productions and collaborations with musicians and composers have been central to her work. Her choreography aims to reveal the emotional and structural content of music through movement. A humanistic, rhythmic and character-driven movement language emerges through close collaboration with classically trained contemporary dancers. An additional focus is connecting dance to the greater community and questioning established notions about who dances and what dance looks like by integrating lay people into choreography with professional dancers. Lillian Stillwell danced for 15 years, the last 8 with Johannes Wieland in NYC and at the Staaththeater Kassel, Germany.   AFTERLIFE is the first piece created by her new company SNOW, founded in 2020 in Basel, Switzerland.

Sophie Vergéres, native Swiss, born in San Francisco, received her dance training at the renowned ballet school of the Hamburg Ballet and won a three-year grant „Migros Stipendium Kulturprozent“. She danced with the Hamburg Ballet and Hessische Staatsballett with choreographers including Alexander Ekman, Itzik Galili, Vaslav Kunes, Richard Siegel and Marco Goecke.  As a freelancer she has worked with Jörg Weinhöhl, Lillian Stillwell, Yuka Oishi, Peter Leoung, Helge Letonja, Peter Svenson, Jospeh Sturdy. Her Swiss-based dance company „Kollektiv 52°07“ was founded in 2018.

David Lagerqvist was born in Stockholm, Sweden and trained at The Royal Swedish Ballet school. He danced with the Royal Swedish Ballet, Danish Dance Theater and Ballet Du Grand Theatre De Geneve in works by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Benjamin Millepied, Pontus Lidberg, Jeroen Verbruggen, Ken Ossola, Andonis Foniadakis, Joelle Bouvier and Cindy Van Acker. As a freelancer he has worked with Alexander Ekman, Pontus Lidberg, Peter Svenzon (company Art of Spectra), Joseph Sturdy, Giovanni Bucchieri, Anna Vnuk and at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm and in SAFE by Falk Richter. David has also appeared as an actor in feature films, short films and plays for stage.