The Four Seasons

This choreography to Vivaldi’s famous score combines rhythmic precision with physical intimacy in repetitive rituals in a movement language that combines the abstract with the emotional. Danger and joy, hope and sorrow are not only seen but felt in the percussive waves and canons of the choreography.


Dance Evening | 50 minutes

March 11, 2023

Grosses Haus | Theater Münster | DE

Lillian Stillwell

set design
Stella Sattler & Jonathan Brügmann

costume design
Louise Flanagan

light design
Marco Vitale with Jan Hördemann

GE Patterson

Antonio Vivaldi

musical director
Thorsten Schmid-Kapfenburg

violin soloists
Midori Goto, Mihai Ionescu

Amanda Cruz Portuondo, Yoh Ebihara, Hana Kato, Bartlomiej Kowalczyk, Juan Fernando Morales Londoňo, Hera Norin, Enrique Sáez Martínez, Giorgia Scisciola, Aline Serrano, Nadja Simchen, Keelan Whitmore, Jack Widdowson and Tanz Münster Studio: Lukas Bisculm, Maren Sauer


TV Interview and Portrait about Lillian Stillwell and her work, “The Four Seasons”