The stars are coming out and everyone is sleeping….well, almost everyone. Sophie and Jubal can’t sleep. They climb out of bed into the night and discover a completely different world. Light and shadows have transformed their familiar room into a magical place. And they are not alone! Four musicians are there to guide them on a magical journey and take them home again.
SILBERLICHT is a dance and music piece for babies 0 -3 and those who love them. Inspired by the intricacy and fantasy of early baroque music and by young childrens’ fascination with light, SILBERLICHT combines virtuosic dancing and musicianship with playful interactions, tactile objects and humor and wonder for all.

Concept & Choregraphy: Lillian Stillwell
Music: Ensemble Diderot
Johannes Pramsohler, Roldán Bernabé – Violin
Eric Tinkerhess – Viola da gamba
Philippe Grisvard – Harpsichord
Dance: Sophie Vergères, Jubal Battisti
Set & Costumes: Mayke Hegger