Commissioned by the Philharmonie Luxembourg in 2019, SILBERLICHT was conceived by Choreographer Lillian Stillwell for both children and adults to enjoy.  Combining the virtuosic dancing of two classically trained dancers and Ensemble Diderot’s exquisite musicianship, the performers interact with each other and the audience in this 45-minute piece for all ages.

The premiere and all 8 performances in Luxembourg were sold out.   We now look forward to taking SILBERLICHT on the road.

Music: Ensemble Diederot / Johannes Pramsohler

Concept and Choreography:  Lillian Stillwell

Set and Costume Design: Mayke Hegger

DANCE: Sophie Vergerés, Jubal Battisti

MUSIC: Johannes Pramsohler, Violin, Roldán Bernabé, Violin, Eric Tinkerhess, Viola da Gamba, Philippe Grisvard, Harpsichord