Guest Teaching,  Contemporary Dance and Dance Composition

October 2019

Lillian returns to her alma mater for a series of classes, workshops and lectures with current students.

Brown Bag Lunch Lecture Discussion with Students (open to the public), October 12, 2019, 11:40

BRASWELL ARTS CENTER, Basel, Switzerland

August,  2019

This physically and creatively challenging practice will use improvisation to develop movement phrases. An exploration of physical and mental limits and rhythm as a driving force for movement will follow.
Open to all levels, styles and body types, dancers and non-dancers.
Registration via Braswell Arts Center.

DANCE JAM, Berlin, Germany

Tanzraum Wedding, Winter and Spring, 2019

Lillian Stillwell invites you to join her research in how individuality emerges from a pulsing, rhythmic mass and in altered states triggered by proximity, exhaustion and repetition.

A short warm-up will be followed by learning a basic movement vocabulary which will be the foundation for improvisation.
No previous performance experience is necessary. Professional actors, singers and dancers are welcome.
The Dance Jam is FREE

CHOREOLAB, Basel, Switzerland

Guest Choreographer, Fall 2017

Choreolab Europe is a collaborative artistic research platform for dance and choreography founded by Anja Gallagher (CH)and Sanne Clifford (NL) that provides an artistic playground for choreographers, dancers and movers from all over the world.

Lillian was an invited guest choreographer in 2017.  Her workshop explored choreographic methods for integrating movement, voice and content.  Together with her guests musician Martin Ulrich and director Tom Ryser, Lillian began by teaching a rhythmic movement phrase, added vocal improvisation and ended with short choreographic sketches that each told its own unique story.