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SEXES | 2024

A Dance Production about Power, Sex
and the end of Heroism.
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The Four Seasons | 2023

Choreography for 14 dancers and live orchestra about human interdependency and the passage of time.
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Furien | 2022

Furies is a dance about the collective, its power and its potential to transform.
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Oslo | 2023

Dance Quartett inspired by the Oslo Peace Accords.
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Silberlicht | 2019 & 2022

Dance and Baroque Music for Children aged 0–4
and their Families.
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Mass | 2017 & 2023

A Theatre Piece for Singers, Players and Dancers
by Leonard Bernstein.
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Anna Bolena & Maria Stuarda | 2022 & 2023

In the "Donizetti Trilogy", created for three of the world's largest opera houses, the choreography amplifies the emotionality of the epic storytelling.
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L'Orfeo | 2020 & 2023

Seamlessly integrating movement, music and staging to Monteverdi’s music was the aim in this first of many collaborations between choreographer Lillian Stillwell and director Jetske Mijnssen.
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ALIVE!_Saisonschluss_20 | 2020

An interdisciplinary collaborative production during Covid.
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Afterlife | 2021 & 2023

An immersive dance production with live DJ*anes about love and loss.
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